Evergreen Shrubs


Hebe- Rhubarb and Custard


This Hebe is a compact, bushy evergreen shrub producing pink-flushed, dark green leaves, with cream to pale yellow margins. The tips and margins then turn deep reddish-pink in cold weather in autumn and winter, providing year-round interest.

Enjoys full sun but will tolerate partial shade.

Final height: 60cm-90cm

RRP: £9.99


Hebe-Magic Summer

Hebe Magic Summer is a compact, bushy evergreen shrub whose sensational white-margined, grey-green leaves, reddish-purple when young, will amaze you all year round. Dense spikes of beautiful lavender-blue flowers are produced in summer.

Enjoys full sun but will tolerate partial shade

Final height: 60-90cm

RRP: £9.99


Hebe- Heartbreaker

'Heartbreaker' is an evergreen shrub whose green leaves are edged with cream and turn pink in colder weather. Lavender racemes of flowers are borne in summer.

Enjoys sun but will tolerate partial shade.

Final height: 60cm

RRP: £9.99



Rosie with lovely dark green leaves providing all year round colour. A compact shrub with a bushy habit and will produce pink flowers in Summer.

Like full sun but will tolerate partial shade

Final height: 60m

RRP: £9.99


Hebe- Dazzler

A mound forming variety which is grown for its white variegated foliage with a green centre which turns vivid pink from November until May, occasional purple flowers are produced but the plant is primarily grown for its unique foliage.

Enjoys sun with will tolerate partial shade

Final height: 75cm

RRP: £8.99



'Margret' is a compact, rounded evergreen shrub with bright green foliage and light blue flowers in short racemes in early summer, often repeating in early autumn

Enjoys full sun but will tolerate partial shade

Final height: 50cm

RRP: £8.99


Ceanothus thyr. reopens

C. thyrsiflorus var. repens is a small, but vigorous evergreen shrub of low, spreading habit, but much taller when grown against a wall. Leaves ovate, glossy dark green. Flowers light blue, in compact panicles in spring and early summer

Full Sun

Ultimate height: 100cm-150cm

Ultimate spread: 250cm-400cm



Ceanothus- 'Blue Mound'

'Blue Mound' is a bushy medium-sized evergreen shrub of broad, dense habit, with glossy oblong-ovate leaves and compact heads of small bright blue flowers in late spring

Full Sun

Utimate height: 100cm- 150cm

Ultimate spread: 250cm-400cm


RRP: £8.99


Vinca- Minor Trio

It is a vigorous grower, yet not overly invasive. It is tough, fully hardy and evergreen, and this amazing selection will display pretty blue, white and purple flowers all on one plant. These are produced from Spring through to Autumn and once established it will need next to no attention, creating a stunning ground covering quilt of colour when it blooms.

Enjoys full sun or partial shade

Ultimate height:20cm

Utimate spread: 50cm

RRP: £7.99


Vinca- 'Atropurpurea'

Pairs of dark green leaves develop along the long trailing stems, eventually creating a dense mat of rich green foliage that can be used to help keep weeds at bay. T To stop the plant becoming invasive cut back shoots in early Spring.

Full Sun or Partial Shade

Ultimate height:20cm

Ultimate spread: 50cm



Vinca- 'Gertrude Jekyll

'Gertrude Jekyll' is an evergreen perennial to 10cm in height, forming a compact mat of small, dark green ovate leaves, with abundant, pure white flowers 2-2.5cm in width

Enjoys full sun, partiall shade and full shade.

Ultimate height: 10cm

Ultimate spread: 50cm-100cm

RRP: £5.99