Azalea Japonica Silver Queen is another stunning variegated Azalea. With a low growing and mound forming habit, this is a small evergreen shrub. The beautiful green and silver leaves can really lift a corner of the garden and when the bright pink flowers appear, this shrub gives a great display and the flowers attract many pollinators. The flowers are medium size, of tubular shape and produced in abundance.

Silver Queen is suitable for both growing in pots or planting in the ground. As with all Azaleas, Silver Queen prefers an acidic soil and will benefit from feeding 2-3 times per annum with ericaceous feed.

With its very profuse flowering habit, glossy green leaves with the silver margin and its compact shape, Azalea Silver Queen is a good performer. It is a neat, evergreen azalea hybrid that won’t get overly large. Over many years, it will reach a maximum height of about 80 cm.  

Azalea Japonica Silver Queen