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Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food is enriched with the essential nutrients for bigger, healthier and tastier yield of tomatoes. Our feed includes unique PlantSense™ Technology. This means there is just the right amount of nutrients and a water management system perfected to work with peat free growbags and planters. Including iron and magnesium to give you greener plants, it is also rich in seaweed for healthy root growth giving you great tasting tomatoes.

Big Tom Tomato Food

  • Start using when first flower truss has set for indoor crops, and when second truss has set for outdoor crops. Shake well before use. Partially fill the cap with 20ml of Big Tom (half a cap). Pour 20ml of feed into your watering can with 4.5L/1 gal of water. Feed every 4-5 days (Greenhouse) or 10-14 days (Outdoors) from truss set**. Keep plants consistently watered and fed, avoid wetting foliage or overdosing. Big Tom can also be used on other plants around the garden. For vigorous plants e.g. cucumbers and courgettes, feed as per tomatoes. For hanging baskets and containers, feed weekly. For beds and borders feed every 10-14 days. **Truss set is when the flowers start to swell into green fruit. If yellow is seen before truss set, feed weekly with 10ml (1/4 cap) per 4.5L/ 1 gal of water.

  • Always read the product label before use. For full safety information please see the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Do not exceed the appropriate application rate. Increasing the dosage may result in damage to your plants. Store in a dry, frost free place away from children, pets and foodstuff. Wash hands and exposed skin after use. Gloves are recommended when handling this product. Children and pets can continue to use treated areas immediately after application.

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