Monstera are usually happy to grow in very root-bound conditions, so you'll only need to repot when a plant is young or after a few years to refresh the compost. Otherwise, just add a little fresh compost to the pot of the pot each year, and feed with half-strength organic plant food once a month throughout the growing season.


Monstera are naturally jungle understory plants where they make the most of the dappled light filtering down from the canopy overhead, but they will soak up as much of our British sun as you can give them. They'll also succeed in bright indirect light, but they tend to look a bit sad in the shade.


Water well but infrequently. Monstera adansonii likes to get oxygen to its roots inbetween waterings so allow the compost to dry somewhat before you water again. If in a very sunny spot like a conservatory or south facing window then make sure you keep a close eye on it - it can respire a lot during one hot day. If you're a serial under-waterer then it may be best to move it to a bright spot where it won't receive too many hours of direct sun over the summer.

Monstera obliqua Monkey Leaf

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