Ligustrum ovalifolium Argenteum (Silver Privet)

Conveniently described as like the more commonly seen Golden Privet, except that the golden parts of the leaf are silver instead. This is an evergreen or semi evergreen shrub with all the same attributes of the Privet Hedging Plants, notably they respond well to trimming, make for a very neat and tidy hedge as they have fairly small leaves and they will grow almost anywhere including shady, full sun etc and in any soil type. The only thing to avoid is the ‘wet feet’ of Winter waterlogging.


Position: Sun or partial shade

Foliage: Evergreen shrub, leaves stay on the shrub all year. Some leaves may drop in very cold weather and be replaced with new growth the following Spring.

Soil and site: Any well drained soil.

Flowering time:  Early summer

Growth rate: moderate

Ultimate height and spread 300cm high x 250cm wide.

Hardiness: Fully hardy.

Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and for the first season. Trim as required to maintain the desired shape.

Silver Privet