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Snowdonia's Tips for a Healthy Shopping Experience

Updated 22.03.21

If you decide to pay us a visit over the coming week, please familiarise yourselves with our latest store policies.

  1. Please respect a distance of at least two metres from ALL other customers and staff at ALL times.

  2. Please try and limit the number of people per party during the current levels of restrictions where possible.

  3. Please follow our one-way system at all times. Should you need to return to an earlier stage in the route, please request assistance from a member of staff rather than retracing your steps.

  4. We encourage every customer to take a trolley when entering the store. Whilst staff will be keeping handles disinfected, we encourage each customer to make use of the anti-bacterial sprays provided in the trolley park.

  5. Please only touch and pick up objects you intend to purchase.

  6. Please ensure that you wear a face mask when entering the Garden Centre as of the 14th September 2020. This excludes children under 11 years of age or exemptions on medical or other conditions. It would be helpful to our staff if you carry proof of your exemption but this is not a necessity.

  7. At present, in Wales, travel is at a "stay local" level so we do not encourage travel from further afield.

  8. The Olive Tree Coffee Rooms remains closed.

Home Delivery Service

We are still running our home delivery service.

​Delivery is FREE on purchases over £20 within a ten mile radius.

Orders under £20 will have an additional £2.95 delivery charge added.

We deliver along the North Wales coast on furniture suites over £500.

Please check out our website for shopping from the comfort of your own home.

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